Couple Travel: We’re Going to Machu Picchu! (Maybe)

So, I have this theory that if I keep saying my fiancé and I are going to go somewhere, it will happen.

Couple Travel: Going to Machu Picchu - Maybe
Wonderful, Amazing, Terrifc, Unbelievable, Stunning...(ok, you get the point) Machu Picchu

I partly believe this because I did this experiment last year and it resulted in my fiancé, Tom, agreeing in early summer that we could go to Thailand over Christmas after me talking and talking (and talking) about it for the previous six months.

He may have just gotten sick of me talking about it and that’s why he agreed. Regardless, I’m convinced the theory works.

Now, darling almost-to-be-husband that he is, he texted me yesterday that…WE SHOULD GO TO MACHU PICCHU THIS YEAR. My dream trip. Top of my bucket list. Where all my friends know I’m obsessed with going. The text convo went like this.

Tom: Got into middle east trip! (Internship for MBA program that does not allow significant others to attend. Stupid MBA internship program is what I say to THAT.)

Me: Yay for you! Insanely jealous for me! 😉 (See – my winky face is still showing I support him even though I’m secretly dying inside with jealousy that I’M not going to Dubai and Jordan.)

Tom: Then let’s go to the peech this year at tgivs. (Isn’t he adorable when he talks in abbv?)

Me: Are. You. Serious?! (Thought I may be having déjà vu from the Thailand trip conversation.)

I immediately Googled “Hiking Inca Trail” and began planning our whole trip. Only to find out that he is not, unfortunately, 100% committed to the trip. Yet.

His concerns:

  1. He has a big project due at the end of that semester for school. My solution: He can study on the Inca Trail.
  2. We have a wedding we’re paying for this summer that is going to leave us broke. My solution: We will make more money and that’s what credit cards are for. (He doesn’t seem to think that is a good financial plan.)

My reasons for going:

  1. What if the Mayans are right?! Then this is my last chance to see Machu Picchu. His response: If the world ends I’ll be dead so I won’t care about Machu Picchu anymore. (I’m not convinced about that.)
  2. I’ll get depressed if I don’t go. My wanderlust is on overkill. His response: You were just in Thailand! And you’re going to the Caribbean this summer! (And your point is…?)
  3. The honeymoon doesn’t count; it’s a vacation, not a trip. His response: Looks at me like I’m crazy and probably wondering why he’s marrying me. 
  4. They’re probably going to close off the ruins from people walking through them like they did with Stonehenge. His response: I’m sure we’ll have adequate warning and time to go if they do that.

But what if we don’t?!

Therefore, my remaining argument – besides the fact that my reasons obviously outweigh his concerns – which I think may work:

I will go without him. And – here’s the kicker – he can’t be upset because he’s going to the middle east without me. Hehe, I’m brilliant.

But (sigh) I love him and love traveling with him so it won’t be the same going without him.

So let’s take a vote. Who thinks we should go to Machu Picchu this year?



  1. Coley Dolence says

    Um, Gina. I thought we learned, 10 years ago after England, that the whole ‘that’s what credit cards are for’ is a bad way to live financially…. :). But I never really took it too seriously, so….GO!!!!

  2. says

    HAHHAHA! Love the wedding and credit card part. SO true. Our wedding is in 5 weeks and I have just given up at this point.

    • Gina says

      Hi Christina, congrats on your wedding! Wedding planning is a crazy time, isn’t it? But worth it. I hope. 😉

  3. says

    My new wife (married last year) tells me that Macchu Pichu is on our list too though likely for next year. My only thing is that we gotta spend several weeks. I have flight fear real bad and I am not going that whole way just to spend a paltry 2 weeks.

    • Gina says

      Several weeks in Peru sounds pretty awesome! It’s hard for me to get too much more than a couple weeks off at a time so I take what I can get. :)

  4. says

    Shall I have a wee chat to Tom?
    I somehow just decided one day .. planned without too much discussion, and well then WE were just going. It was pretty exciting I have to say.

    As Nike says – Just do it..

    • Gina says

      Haha, yes, I think you do need to have a chat with Tom. He needs to get his priorities straight. 😉 Sounds like our big Machu Picchu trip isn’t going to happen until 2013 but he DID put into our wedding vows that we’ll make it there so I think I’ve got some leverage to make it happen ASAP now. Think I’ll take your advice and just plan it. :)

  5. says

    Nice post Gina! I have shared the same “overkill for wanderlust” as you. I hope to visit Machu Picchu in the future.

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