Johann Strauss Statue in Vienna

One Day in Vienna, this Happened…

The Last Thing I Saw Before Leaving Vienna: Johann Strauss

I’m not sure why I was so determined to see the Johann Strauss statue in Vienna before leaving the city. Perhaps it was because of my many years of piano and violin classes growing up. Or maybe just my love for prominent statues in famous cities. I’m not really sure. What I do know is that my last morning in Vienna found me lugging my suitcase down a flower-framed walking trail in Stadtpark in Vienna to see the bronze statue of Johann Strauss before catching my train to Bratislava.

Johann Strauss Statue in Stadtpark in Vienna: The statue was worth the jaunt. As far as statues go, this one of Johann Strauss was quite lovely and very prettily accented.
The statue was worth the jaunt. As far as statues go, this one of Johann Strauss is quite lovely and prettily accented with flowers and an artistic arch.

If you have more time in Vienna, wiling away a couple hours in Stadtpark would be a pretty pleasurable way to spend an afternoon. Pretty, colorful flowers dot a grassy setting with meandering trails along the River Wien along with elegant landscaping and bridges.


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    What a wonderful send off! I also did years of piano lessons and still adore classical music to this day so I definitely would have done the same.

    And while I am not an artist, I did go somewhat out of my way to visit Frida Kahlo’s famous house in Mexico City. It just meant to much for me to actually get there even if it did mean getting somewhat turned around in the local neighborhood.

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