Unlimited Vacation Time = Better Results

Unlimited Vacation Time Policies – Yes, they really exist and a new investigation finds they increase productivity in the workplace.

Working on the beach...can this be every day with unlimited vacation time?
Working on the beach...can this be every day with unlimited vacation time?

I love my career; the rush I get from negotiating a lower contract for a new banner ad, the thrill I get from reading a report and realizing the ROAS on a new search campaign I’m conducting has taken off, or the pride I feel from watching a new member of my team take more responsibility and kick butt at their projects. What I loathe about my career though? The lack of vacation time.

When I read the headline for a new article on Fast Company’s website detailing a small, but growing trend in unlimited vacation time and how it increases productivity, I was intrigued and immediately clicked on the headline to read the article. The writer found from interviews conducted with employees and management at these companies that employees work harder and get better results by focusing on the end result instead of the day to day minutiae. Which makes perfect sense – If someone is completing their work by deadlines and getting results and reaching goals, why should they as the employer care if the employees do it in 8 hours a day from 9-5, 40 hours a week, 50 weeks a year?

And for most working professionals who value their job and career, that’s completely true. I know when I shouldn’t be out of the office, I know what my team can handle when I’m out, and I know when and how often I should check in while I’m gone. And heck yeah, I would work that much harder if it meant being able to take a week off at the end of the month to fly to Paris because I found an amazing last minute air deal – a trip that during which I would no doubt be checking work emails. Plus, I would do whatever it took to get results desired by my bosses in order to stay at a company that offered unlimited vacation time. (Really, who wouldn’t?) And if someone isn’t getting the desired results? Well, they probably weren’t the right fit for that job in the first place.

I wrote an article awhile back on creative ways to get more vacation time at work, but looks like the ultimate “get more vacation time” strategy is to get employed at one of these new-age companies.

What do you think? Would working for a company that offered unlimited vacation time make you more productive?


  1. says

    I think that workplaces that are 100% goals driven are the way to go. You get the work done, and then your time is your own. Or just make it easy for people to work from where they are. I wrote my last 3 textbooks drinking beers by the beach in Thailand, the PHils and Bali. So for those who want to leave work and travel, then hit the goals and leave. Or for those of us who like to work in specific places, let us leave and hit the goals.

    Anyway, great blog you have here. I like the concept!

    • Gina says

      Thanks Mike! Completely agree about the goals. And sounds like you have a pretty good work system in place!

  2. says

    This is my dream. Even though I live in Germany where we get 5 weeks at my company, it is still bothers me that I have to fight for the weeks and am told that vacation is the most precious resource the company has and the hoard it like a dragon. I am nearly in tears with frustration and desire for a company that is based on results and clear deadlines and not putting X hours into the system just to be able to bill them. I work in IT, why can’t I work from Italy as well as from the desk next to my boss?

    • Gina says

      I completely understand! There’s so many jobs that can be done remotely nowadays, but it’s still expected you show up at the office each day.

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