One Day in a Destination

One Day in Dublin: Vibrant, eclectic, historic Dublin.

One Day in Dublin

One Day in a City Itinerary: Dublin, Ireland The Dublin of today is one that has recovered from centuries of political and economic repression and Dubliners are increasingly keen on reclaiming Irish culture before it’s lost for good and as a result, Irish song and dance can be found all over the city pretty much [...]

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Family and Couple Travel

Diapers can spur a lot of baby conversations.

Costco Conversation: Diapers, Parenting Worries & Australia

When you think you and your husband are on the same “oh my god how are we going to handle being parents” spectrum of anxiety that tends to hit around the middle of the second trimester of your first kid (which no one tells you is going to happen but everyone nods in understanding about [...]

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One Day This Happened Stories

Szechenyi Baths

Getting a Massage at Széchenyi Baths in Budapest

One Day in Budapest, this Happened… I scan the plastic bracelet around my wrist and the spa employee standing next to me watches me do so as he sips his coffee and looks bored. A name flashes up on the screen of the machine on the wall I’d just waved my wrist under and the [...]

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Photo Tour Friday

Love you, Tom!

Photo Tour Friday: Peace and Love in Prague at the Lennon Wall

 Leaving love notes to my husband at the John Lennon Wall in Prague The Lennon Wall in Prague is a massive mural located in Prague’s Lesser Quarter close to the Charles Bridge. During the communist era in the 1980s, the Lennon Wall served as a place for political propaganda as the original painting to be [...]

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Balance a Career with Travel

Hiking the Inca Trail...

2013 Recap: A Year of Accomplishing Dreams

2013 will go down in my life’s history as a year of travel and dream-fulfilling. This 2013 recap of my year is a bit late, but better now than never, right? (And seriously, how is it already half-way through January?!) The start of 2013 found me ringing in the New Year in Queenstown, New Zealand. [...]

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Around the World Restaurant Reviews

Spajza restaurant patio in Ljubljana.

Spajza in Ljubljana: Family Owned Restaurant and Ranch

Excellent seafood and meat from a local ranch…plus a controversial entree Spajza is located up a small side street off of the canal in Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital city. It has an indoor dining room that mixes in touches of modern with old world Europe, but the outdoor garden seating is what gives it a really [...]

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