Wardrobe Wednesday: Caribbean Beach Resort

Hot to Pack Light For a Caribbean Beach Resort Vacation

Caribbean Beach Resort

It’s already pretty easy to pack light for a beach vacation; after all, swimsuits consist of hardly any fabric (yet still somehow manage to be ridiculously expensive). But no matter where you’re heading it’s easy to overpack so here are some tips on how to fit everything in a carry-on for a Caribbean beach vacation — or how to take up a minimal portion of your suitcase if your beach time is only one small part of a larger vacation. (This post is for the ladies. Guys, it’s easy for you – just pack swim trunks, a couple t-shirts and a nice pair of shorts or lightweight pants for the evening and you’re good to go.)

First off, a swimsuit is a must while in the Caribbean. Mix and match your bikini top and bottoms so that you have a bandeau top for lying on the sand or by the pool (eliminate those tan lines) and a more sturdy top for any snorkeling or water activities (keep your top from flying off or falling down). Bring a breezy cover-up for after you leave the sand or pool; I like black since it’s not as obvious that it’s damp if you put it on before your suit is dry. A pair of board shorts and a loose, beachy t-shirt is also nice to have on hand in case you go for a boat ride or do some other activity where you don’t want to have to worry constantly about a dress flying up.

Once the sun sets in the Caribbean, head to the resort’s restaurant in your evening wear. For a Caribbean beach resort vacation I recommend this to be a maxi dress. Between sand flies, mosquitoes, and other bugs in the Caribbean, you may be glad you have your legs covered, and a maxi dress is still loose enough to not feel restricting in hot, humid air. I love a nautical look when vacationing on an island, which is why I chose the navy striped dress above. You can add pops of color with jewelry (of which I love coral for a tropical feel).

For shoes, pack a pair of gold or metallic-tinged flip flops that can easily make the transition from sandy days to exotic nights. Other accessories you’ll want to bring are a beach bag, sun hat, and sunglasses. Lastly, I probably don’t need to remind you to pack the sunscreen, but you should remember to reapply sunscreen frequently throughout the day when outside under the hot Caribbean sun — especially if you’re in the water a lot (and even if your sunscreen says it’s waterproof). You don’t want to turn red and have it be painful to put on all your cute Caribbean beach resort clothes!


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