One Day in Barcelona

One Day in a City Itinerary: Barcelona, Spain

Unique architecture, beaches, delicious food, shopping. What more could you want in a city? With so much to see and do, spending just one day in Barcelona and knowing what to see first can feel overwhelming. Here is my list of must-see’s in Barcelona that is easy to fit into one day.

The World of Gaudi

Sagrada Familia Ceiling in Barcelona
Sagrada Familia Ceiling

One can’t visit Barcelona without coming across the name Gaudi. Antoni Gaudi was a Spanish architect famous for his unique and nature-inspired designs.


La Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada Familia is Gaudi’s unfinished masterpiece. Sagrada Familia is a Roman Catholic cathedral. Gothic and elaborate from the outside, it’s even more breathtaking from the inside. Harmonically placed long panels of gray and white ascend into starbursts and the windows are placed in such a way to make the ambiance appear both dark and bright at the same time.

Staring up at the creation surrounding me, I could only imagine the heightened level of awestruck I would feel if it were completed. And there lies part of the mystique of the church. More than 120 years after construction began, it is still a work in progress. Scheduled to be finished in 2026, the Sagrada Familia may not be a finalized masterpiece, but it is still a wondrous piece of architecture to be marveled at. Standing inside the Sagrada Familia made me feel I may very well be standing in history of what will be the last truly elaborate cathedral ever built.

One Day in Barcelona - Sagrada Familia
Exterior of Sagrada Familia

The line to go up into one of the towers is usually extremely long. If you have the extra time, it is worth the additional few Euros. In my opinion, though, 30-40 minutes walking around the inside and outside of the cathedral will still give you a good feel for it and let you have more time to experience other things during your one day in Barcelona.

Parc Guell

Another work of Gaudi’s that is a must-do during your one day in Barcelona is Parc Guell, the only major landscaping work Gaudi ever undertook. It’s still quintessential Gaudi, plus some great views of the city.

Gaudi Walking Tour

If you don’t think this is enough Gaudi for you by this point, check schedules for free walking tours of Gaudi’s work.

Las Ramblas: Barcelona’s Main Boulevard

After immersing yourself in the world of Gaudi for part of your one day in Barcelona, head to bustling and beautiful Las Ramblas, Barcelona’s most famous street. This is also a good place to stop for a light lunch or snack. Tapas are always a good choice in Spain and wash it down with Sangria instead of wine. Las Ramblas is wide and clustered with cafes, restaurants, and shops so dedicate time to simply ramble down it and enjoy the atmosphere – and do some shopping if that’s on your list!

Beaches of Barcelona

Barcelona offers much more than just a famous architect and street and one of those items is the beach! For beach lovers, skip the extra tower line at Sagrada Familia or take a shorter Gaudi walking tour during your one day in Barcelona and use that time to take a couple afternoon hours to hit the beaches of Barcelona. The ones on La Barceloneta are ideal for both sun-bathing and people-watching, plus have gorgeous views of the coastline.

One Day in Barcelona - Barcelona Beach
Barcelona Beach

For a really spectacular view of the coast head up to the top of the new W hotel in Barcelona for a drink.

One Day in Barcelona - W Hotel View
View from the W hotel in Barcelona.

Eating in Barcelona

If you have time for dinner, try a seafood Paella. Barcelona is right by the sea and has fresh seafood available at many restaurants and Paella is a traditional Spanish meal. There are many nice restaurant locations to choose from along Barcelona’s boardwalk.

Barcelona Nightlife

And if you are lucky enough to be in Barcelona for the night, head back to Las Ramblas for drinks and dancing – pretty Plaza Real, which has a lot of outdoor seating and is located just off of Las Ramblas, is a great place to start the night – and then let the night portion of your one day in Barcelona lead you where it may. If there’s a festival or parade in Barcelona the night you’re there, be sure to check it out — these often have a carnival feel to them and are full of color and sometimes even fire.

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